Fund Management Service​

We are a group of experienced forex fund managers and market analysts. Our traders are changed on basis of their trading performance from time to time so that we could stay consistently profitable. We bring a transparent investment opportunity in form of managed forex accounts in our partner brokers. We use trade copying to manage those MT4 and MT5 accounts which are not in our partner brokers


Slab 1: Minimum deposit : 1000 USD, Fees : 50% of monthly profit.

Slab 2: Minimum deposit : 5000 USD, Fees : 40% of monthly profit.

Slab 3: Minimum deposit : 20000 USD, Fees : 35% of monthly profit.

Slab 4: Minimum deposit : 50000 USD, Fees : 30% of monthly profit


Note that accounts can also be opened in other currencies, such as EUR, GBP and AUD.
Trading details valid for all slabs:  Average monthly profit is 30%* of deposit. Normally we go up to 30% draw-down**.
Contact us to know additional charges for other broker's accounts.

*Your net profit depends on your account size, fee slab and accepted draw-down level. In a month, we have seen as low as 9% and as high as 50%. If you assess profitability after 4-5 months, it comes around 30% per month on average.
**If you are starting with $2000 or more, you can reduce your draw-down if you want. Note that profit is also reduced by same degree.