Elliott Wave Masters Series


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Once you know the Elliott wave patterns, the single best way to develop your own ability to interpret the messages that waves are sending is consistent practice. However, if you are committed to making Elliott Wave a part of your own trading then having a mentor at your side with tips and tricks can make all the difference.
In the Elliott Wave Master Class, I pick up where introductory material leaves off.
With 16 hours of material spread across four sessions, the Master Class is packed with practical information.
It can be difficult deciding to pull the trigger on a trade and, once in, it can be a struggle figuring out where to book profits or even take a small loss before it becomes a big loss.
My goal in the Master Class is to share with you all the best techniques I use, from analysis through to action, which I use have confidence on both my entries and my exits.
In this four part series of classes, you’ll learn:
-A wealth of guides to aid in determining wave structure, including:
-Technical indicators (don’t worry, they’re already on most platforms)
-Trend lines and channels
-Multi-timeframe Fibonacci analysis
-Market structure
-Techniques to transition from backward-looking analysis to wave counting in real time.
-Anticipating market turning points
-Specific techniques to turn analysis into action by planning, executing, and managing trades based on the messages that the waves are telling us.