Simple Trading Plans by Norman Hallett



Official $497
You will get all 3 fantastic trading plans, with exact entry rules, exit rules and risk management rules + all the recordings of live trading demonstration.
Each of the 3 trading plans fit different trading opportunities:
Simple Trading Plan 1: Big Move Potential
(it meant to get you near the bottom of a bullish trade and near the top of a bearish trade)
Simple Trading Plan 2: The Continuation Plan
(taking advantage of an established trend is a big step in keeping you out of harms way and making money as a result.)
Simple Trading Plan 3: The Extremes Plan
(markets get overbought and oversold all the time. This plan helps put that extra ‘fluff’ in your pocket.)

You will also get the Trading Demonstrations videos of all 3 Simple Trading Plans.
You’ll see multiple examples of all 3 Simple Trading Plans from entry to exit and all the risk-management moves in between.

-Trading Plans (3 pdf)
-Simple Trading Plans Live Trading Demonstration Video #1 (May 13, 2014)