Swing Trader Pro by TopTradeTools


Original price: $1997.00
Content: 3 MP4 files, complete product with all indicators for Ninja Trader, Trade Station, Think or Swim, Sierra Charts, eSignal, Custom ATR.
This Product can be used on Ninja TraderTrade StationThink or SwimSierra ChartseSignal, Custom ATR.

Remove destructive emotions from trading
Greed and fear may have done more to derail traders over the years than just about anything else.
Every professional trader will tell you that you must keep your emotions in check in order to make money consistently in the markets.

The Swing Trader Pro analyzes the strength of shifts in supply and demand in a market and only generates a signal dot when these shifts meet certain criterion.
This helps you to ignore the negative emotions of greed and fear and focus on important market internals like supply and demand.
No Complicated Settings

One of our top priorities when developing Swing Trader Pro was to remove complicated parameter settings, which makes using this trading indicator easy for you.
You don’t have to worry about having the wrong settings for a parameter anymore, and you don’t have to invest large amounts of time understanding what each parameter is designed to do.
All you have to do is choose the color you want for your signal dots and your trailing stop dots!