TCI Power Action Zones™


This is TCI Power Action Zone indicator for Metrader only.
Official $197
Indicator: TCI Action Zones.ex4
Template : TCI Power Action Zones.tpl
Video watch : TCIPowerActionZonesMAIN

These TCI Power Action Zones™ are incredibly powerful when looking to enter a trending market.
These ‘action zones’ will help give you precise entries into the market enabling you to keep your protective stops close,
along with having a high probability of the market bouncing (when buying) or reacting (when selling) in these areas.
At a quick glance of your chart you will know exactly where you should be looking to enter the market long or short in an established trend.
This software has shown to be extremely effective (day) trading futures, stocks and ETF’s, commodities and the forex market.
This software also works in any time-frame.